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Here at Kittyboo we design and completely make our very own safety collars in our little studio based in Wales, U.K. 
We have proudly been in business since 2005.
Kittyboo began after searching for something 'girly' for our little cat Missy which was so unsuccessful that we decided we could do better than the products on offer at the time and began to make our own collars for her. Realising we were not the only ones looking for something a little extra special which was also super-safe so we began selling the designs online and were thrilled that they were instantly so popular and the demand has turned us into a 'crafty' little business. 
So what started out as a tiny venture has turned into a full-time commitment as our little cat and kitten collar business has been created using only the safest buckles as recommended by all vets
One of the main advantages of making the collars ourselves is that we can offer 3 different sizes because as everyone knows the standard ones in the shops are always far too big for the smaller kittens and slimmer breeds.
We take so much pride in the customer service we provide. We know that one of the benefits of buying from a small business is dealing with the actual people behind it.
We have sold our collars worldwide from Hawaii to New Zealand and have built up a wonderful customer base over the years, we are so grateful for all your recommendations.
We know our quality products and efficient service makes us stand out which is why we will only accept a certain amount of orders at a time in order to maintain our consistently high standards.
Please check back from time to time as we are constantly adding new stock.
Best Wishes, Paula 
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Thank you for supporting a U.K. small business brit
Our Halloween collars were featured in the
November '09 issue of 'Your Cat' magazine!
Your Cat Magazine
Your Cat Magazine
The centre feature 'Witch collar will you choose?' shows a range of our exclusive Halloween collars!
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