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Just wanted to share a tip that a customer has just e.mailed us - Emmas cat keeps losing his breakaway collars and although she is relieved that he has escaped unhurt it is costly. So she added a piece of thin elastic by loosely tying it around the buckle so that the buckle can still break open but there is a better chance of him returning home with the collar dangling around his neck and he will not be strangled by the elastic. Obviously this would not be suitable for all cats especially kittens as there would still be the possiblity of them trapping a paw in an attempt to remove the collar but it might be something to consider.
We will explore this idea a bit more when we get time before we wholeheartedly recommend it and if anyone has any more ideas or comments about this please do contact us.
One customer has coFont Sizemmented that it is best to use a covered type of elastic like a very thin ponytail type so it doesn't catch on the fur
**Thanks to Janet for letting us know that she uses this tip on her breakaway collars but she uses the very, very thin clear hairbands which are very easy to snap but adds that extra bit of security for the collar to stay on - especially useful for active outdoor cats.**
Diane Roebuck posted this on our facebook page " I use sheer elastic, threaded around + through the clip fastner bit, just make sure that it can stretch open, if Kitty gets caught, so that it opens enough for them to wriggle out of the collar, if they need to I do this to all my Kittys collars, from Kittyboo, mine have come home sometimes with the clip open, but the collar is still in place. I hope this helps. Xx "
Disclaimer: This is a third party recommendation. ©Kittyboo has no responsibility for this information
Heres Lexi with a perfect example of how the elastic should look